Made for the highest level of performance

We only craft our designs out of the highest level of performance fabrics: Our guiding mantra is that our styles look amazing and perform at the highest level possible.

Our team regularly combs the best mills in Italy and Taiwan, the leaders in high-performance fabrics, for new, technologically advanced fabric developments and have spent significant energy developing custom fabrics. 

As health-conscious active women ourselves, we are also highly concerned with the state of our environment and are working towards becoming a sustainable eco-brand.

Several of our styles are already crafted of ecologically friendly fabrics. You can buy ecologically friendly styles on our site by looking for the "symbol in product descriptions, which indicates that the style is predominantly crafted of Italian fabric in regenerated Nylon. 

This fabric has mild compression with excellent recovery to help decrease the production of lactic acid. It also has a soft, air-weight feel that is silky, breathable, and boasts SPF 50+ protection. Can a legging help your workout? Well, we think so! And the fact that it is eco-friendly? BONUS POINTS!

Scallop Legging